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Impressions of New Zealand - Christchurch 4 pictures(28.01.06)
Impressions of New Zealand - Queenstown 4 pictures(11.01.06)
Impressions of New Zealand - Aoraki Mount Cook 6 pictures(07.01.06)

Beautiful women, met in New Zealand - 8 pictures(18.07.05)

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portrates of lovely women pictures of beautiful landscape and flowers

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Mountains and Highlands
Mt. Haku-san Eng.
Mt. Norikura-dake Eng.
Mt. Turugi-dake & Mt. Tateyama
Kamikouti Highland
Mt. Aizubandai-san and its surroundings

beautiful Canadian Rockies
about Canadian Rockies
beautiful New Zealand Eng New

Our Surroundings
morning at Tobihino (Nara park)
Hase-dera Temple
Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden
cherry blossom at Nara

Ryosen-zi Temple Rose Garden (Nara-city west)

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some pictures by LeicaR lenses
by uni-focal lenses
by zoom lenses

some pictures by NikonF lenses
zoom micro Nikor
test of lenses
some images of out of focal point by
R80/1.4, NFD85/1.2L,

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To the participants to Routeburn Track Guided Walk at 01/03/'05 - 03/03/'05. :
Hello. We welcome to your bisiting to Japan and our home.
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